Wizard & Grace are not like other candles.

The majority of candles on the market today - even those that claim to be natural - use artificial synthetic fragrance to scent.

Wizard & Grace Essential Oil candles are genuinely natural sustainable candles made only with aromatherapy grade essential oils and the most renewable sustainable wax - rapeseed and coconut wax - all handcrafted in small batches in our studio in Kinsale, West Cork, Ireland.

Not only do our candles smell beautiful they also support your wellbeing through the therapeutic value of essential oils.

Inspired by Irish language and landscape and life, our candles are clean burning and sustainable and designed to help you connect - both to yourself and to the wild vibrant landscape of Ireland.


Essential Oil Intention candles

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    Eco-luxe candles handpoured with love in Kinsale, scented only with Essential Oils

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    Sustainable non-GMO rapeseed and coconut wax for a clean 40/45 hour burn.

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    Plastic free compostable packaging & recyclable container. Ethically sourced ingredients.

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    Female-led small business inspired by Irish language, landscape & life.

  • Misneach Essential Oil Candle

    Self-care supports

    Explore our Celtic inspired candle range infused with our Essential Oil blends.

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    Box of light

    Gift a guilt-free gift set to your loved ones, within your company or to yourself.

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    White label

    Would you like to create your
    very own Essential Oil
    candle range?