About us

  • Hi I'm Paula and thank you for being here and welcome to Wizard & Grace - can you guess from the picture above just who our brand might be named after?

    I love family, dogs, yoga, music, comedy and, yep you guessed it, candles!

    Wizard & Grace is inspired by my retired guide dog Wizard and the second name of my daughter. 

    Through witnessing their unconscious connection I am reminded daily about the importance of embracing nature in our lives.

  • Wizard & Grace is also inspired by Irish landscape, language and life. I'm lucky to have been raised in an organic farm in Leitrim and now live in one of Ireland's most scenic towns Kinsale in West Cork.

    Being close to and surrounded by nature is so important - vital - for our self-care.

    Prior to launching Wizard & Grace in 202, I spent 20 years working in the charity and corporate world and seeking balance with holistic hobbies, yoga teaching and self-care habits (occasionally successfully!). 

  • I found that the majority of candles on the market today - even those that claim to be natural - are still made with synthetic chemical fragrance. I wanted to create a genuinely natural alternative using only essential oils to scent.

    Wizard & Grace essential oil candles not only smell beautiful, they actively support your self-care through the therapeutic power of essential oils.

    Wizard & Grace candles are designed for the busy and eco-conscious woman who wants to nurture a sense of connection - both to themselves and the natural world.

    Check out our 100% natural essential oil candles 
  • Our Mission

    We set out to bring the call of the wild into our home and now we want to bring that call and sense of connection into yours - through the creation of a natural intention candle that combines the highest quality natural ingredients, essential oils, vibrant design inspired by our Celtic heritage and is alive with the colour and wonder of nature.

  • Sustainable Luxury

    Wizard & Grace offers you a healthy luxurious sustainable product to support your self care, help you connect and to gift as a guilt-free conscious sustainable present. Wizard & Grace is scented ONLY with natural Essential Oils and blended into sustainable Rapeseed & Coconut wax for a beautiful clean toxin-free burn. Each candle contains 12.5 grams of one of our bespoke Essential Oil blends - all handcrafted with love by Paula in Kinsale.

    Brand Ethos

    Our brand ethos is to be committed to positive change for the planet. Not only have we sourced ethical sustainable materials from Irish suppliers where possible, but the majority of what we use is recyclable, compostable, reuseable and natural. 

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    Eco Luxe

    Luxury candles handpoured with love in Kinsale, scented only with Essential Oils

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    Sustainable rapeseed and coconut wax for a clean burn

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    Vegan friendly & responsibly sourced non-toxic ingredients.

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    100% recyclable container & packaging (which uses plant-based ink)

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    Amazing evocative scent combined with vibrant design to enhance mood & wellbeing.

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    Female-owned small business based in Kinsale, Cork, Ireland.