Would you like to become a Wizard & Grace stockist?

Wizard & Grace would love to work with retail partners who share the same commitment to sustainability, wellbeing and luxury.

Working together we can encourage customers to switch to our more sustainable and eco-friendly choice of candle and support a more natural, sustainable lifestyle. 

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You can download our wholesale line sheet here and our pricelist and order form in PDF form here and in an excel file you can edit and return here.

If you would like to get in touch please contact Paula at hello@wizardandgrace.com 

Our values

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    Eco Luxe

    Luxury candles handpoured with love in Kinsale, scented only with Essential Oils

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    Sustainable rapeseed and coconut wax for a clean burn

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    Vegan friendly & responsibly sourced non-toxic ingredients.

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    100% recyclable container & packaging (which uses plant-based ink)

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    Amazing evocative scent combined with vibrant design to enhance mood & wellbeing.

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    Female-owned small business based in Kinsale, Cork, Ireland.