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The power of a good notebook - Wizard & Grace

The power of a good notebook

Blame it on my 80s kid fancy paper obsession, but I have a mild obsession for good notebooks. I like a good cover that is attractive but not OTT, a message with a life-affirming intention and quality paper with sustainable origins.

For me a good notebook is up there with a good candle and in fact they intertwin a great deal. (Okay while I’m at it I’ll throw a good yoga mat into that list too) What they have  in common is they are both tools, aids for self-care. They’re not the most high-falutin’ self-care or wellbeing aids out there and that's what makes them more attractive - they are simple, pure and grounded in natural living and common sense. Anyone can light a candle and jot down their thoughts in a notebook at any time and both are great ways to connect inwards. 

A candle is a connection to the fire element – it grounds you. Lighting a candle is a conscious thing – we need to be mindful of the naked flame, we need to pay attention. It's also atmospheric, warm and joyful. Burning an essential oil candle is even more powerful in bringing the therapeutic qualities of essential oils into your home.

Journaliing or writing in a notebook is also a grounding experience and can also be an excellent tool for connection, for clearing, for clarity, for getting out of your head, in the healthiest way possible.

I have journaled for a long time now and find it both therapeutic and also practical (hello endless to-do lists). In fact I don’t remember a time I didn’t write in a diary or journal (though nowadays I rarely have to preface my new notebook with a strongly worded message to my mum to STOP READING NOW). As someone who lives with my phone in my hand for an embarrassing amount of hours in the day there is still nothing like writing down thoughts on paper.  

Julia Cameron in the Artist's Way advocates the 'morning pages'  - a practice of writing three pages in a stream of consciousness style first thing every morning. While morning is the ideal time to do this – practically speaking that may not be possible for everyone and I rarely get the luxury of free form writing before the day begins. Writing down your thoughts at any time of the day is helpful. Words matter. Connecting with yourself matters. A minute of a scribble and notes is better than nothing at all.

Because I have a life-long love of words, writing and yes fancy paper I’m so happy to introduce Wizard & Grace’s new range of Intention Notebooks, as a complementary accompaniment to our candles. Like our candles our intention notebooks are inspired by Irish language and landscape and created and designed in Kinsale and printed on recycled uncoated paper in Ireland.

I hope you love the range of five notebooks as much as I loved creating them. As well as being inspired by Irish landscape and language, just like our candles, the notebooks are sustainly made and printed. Desgined in Kinsale and printed in Ireland the intention notebooks are made from recycled and uncoated paper stock and come with a Kraft paper compostable black ink pen. 

Why not combine with an Essential Oil candle for the ultimate self-care gift? (Self gifting counts). Find the five different notebooks available below:


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