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Sustainability matters - Wizard & Grace

Sustainability matters

One of the questions we get asked a lot is why Rapeseed and Coconut wax, which is not as common as other waxes in the candle market.

The answer is simple - we want everything we do at Wizard & Grace to have as little impact on the environment as possible, so we researched and researched then researched a little more. Here are our top five reasons.


  1. We found that Rapeseed & Coconut wax is the best and most eco-friendly choice - It’s 100% vegan, bio-degradable, free from synthetic material and preservatives and more sustainable than both Soy and Paraffin.
  2. Rapeseed is widely available in Ireland and Europe with no need for intensive farming practices. Coconut is harvested and grown by small holder farmers in the Philippines or Indonesia. As coconuts are recognised for their sustainability, there is absolutely no forest removal in order to plant and farm these coconut trees.
  3. Rapeseed & Coconut wax is ideal for blending with essential oil as it has a slightly lower melting point and a better scent throw.
  4. Rapeseed & Coconut wax gives an overall cleaner burn, meaning the candle burns down at a more consistent rate, at a more consistent temperature.
  5. Rapeseed and Coconut wax is water-soluble, meaning with some soapy, warm/hot water, the wax will dissolve allowing you to easily recycle or re-use your vessel if you choose to.

Why we don't use other waxes: 

Soy wax
Paraffin wax
The demand for Soy wax has sharply risen over the past few years, leading to a dangerous amount of deforestation in most areas where it’s grown, through intensive farming practices which includes the removal of large green areas to establish new soy fields. While soy is undeniably a lovely wax to work with and burn, due to the rise of deforestation and unsustainable practices, we changed course early in our candle creation process.
Paraffin Wax is a by-product of the oil industry and potentially gives off unwelcome and nasty chemicals while burning. For this reason we have chosen not to use it as our wax.


Wizard & Grace's rapeseed and coconut wax candles are a sustainable, renewable, and eco-friendly alternatives to soy wax or palm or paraffin wax.


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